Crazy neighbors just around the corner from us on Briggs.
PS: that barn goes back to 1880, or so I’m told.
The rooster, not quite as old.
#CrescentaValley #BriggsTerrace (at La Crescenta, California)

William Randolph Hearst I’m not.
But the #GlendaleNewsPress seems to continue my legacy.
(at La Crescenta, California)

Tonight we’re taking a journey with the African Queen out by pool.
This is just about as perfect as Summer evenings get.
#AfricanQueen #MovieClassics #HumphreyBogart (at The Observatorium)

That’s just ONE M&M in that peanut butter cookie.
(at The Observatorium)

at Downtown Montrose

I’ve never seen Deliverance, so why not watch it for the first time out by the pool on this warm summer night?
I could be pretty messed up in an hour or so.
#VilmosZsigmond #Deliverance #DuelingBanjos #SquealLikeAPig

Haven’t been to this iconic little place since we shot part of a motion picture here a long time ago.
#AngelinaJolie #PlayingByHeart #WillardCarroll (at The Blue Room)

Unexpected beauty. (at NBC studios)

Peps and peeps.
#BackyardGardening #Peppers #Peepers (at The Observatorium)

Stella, nice … buttocks you got there.
#terriers (at The Observatorium)

Goodbye semi dirty hands.
Hello margarita. (at La Cabanita)

Rain … in LA … in July!
I counted nineteen drops.
#WorstDroughtEver #ItNeverRainsInLA #CrescentaValley (at La Crescenta, California)

The old NBC Studios is a historian’s paradise. I know what I’ll be doing on my lunch breaks during the next few months. (at NBC Burbank Studios)

Such a pretty sunset a few minutes ago.
Looking over NBC Studios.