Stella, nice … buttocks you got there.
#terriers (at The Observatorium)

Goodbye semi dirty hands.
Hello margarita. (at La Cabanita)

Rain … in LA … in July!
I counted nineteen drops.
#WorstDroughtEver #ItNeverRainsInLA #CrescentaValley (at La Crescenta, California)

The old NBC Studios is a historian’s paradise. I know what I’ll be doing on my lunch breaks during the next few months. (at NBC Burbank Studios)

Such a pretty sunset a few minutes ago.
Looking over NBC Studios.


I guess it was bound to happen eventually.

A house of one of our family friends, up our street and around the corner in Briggs Terrace.   Photo taken around 1940.

There’s a lot of history here.  Some of the beams in the living room were painted by artists at Disney Studios, and there’s a room upstairs with a small window added where Edward G. Robinson would smoke his cigars when he visited.

Watching a counterculture escapist movie I remember being obsessed over when I was eleven years old.
#VanishingPoint #1971 #SundanceChannel #BarryNewman #CleavonLittle #DodgeChallenger

A 1914 Harley. What motorcycle technology looked like exactly one century ago.
And yup, there’s a puddle of oil underneath.
#HarleyDavidson #ForestLawn #Glendale #ForestLawnMuseum (at Forest Lawn)

My Roomba wants to date Rosie the Robot.

I can see why, she’s a hottie.

Drats 1.  I cannot seem to get rid of the glare that’s across the thermo hygrometers on the bird house.  The only way I can fix this, I think, is to realign the entire bird house facing up a little.  

Drats 2.  Stupid Chinese internet company.  I specifically requested a set of devices calibrated in Fahrenheit, not Celsius.  But I got two Celsius temperature indicators, I guess I’ll have to print up a conversion chart so I know the temperature in a scale I can relate to.

Now if only a bird or two would move in.  I want to get this place rented!


untitled on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Mamiya C330 S and Sekor 80mm f/2.8

Kodak Ektar 100

(via rust--and--stardust)

Our Nest Thermostat is such a smarty pants, by knowing it was going to be a Rush Hour day yesterday it probably saved us quite a few bucks!

Tomatoes for days.

Not exactly sure what species these babies are, but the markings are pretty interesting to say the least.

Meh run through Montrose today. Stupid weather.
#Garmin #Forerunner #Montrose (at Crescenta Valley Park)