Thank you Foothill Boulevard for this moment of unexpected naturism. (at La Crescenta, California)

Fisheye lens fail.
I’ll get better at this. (at La Crescenta, California)

Blushing citrus. (at The Flintridge Proper)

Christina and The Bandettes at the Old Towne in Old Town.
#Bandettes #OldTownPasadena (at Old Town Pub)

Just another awesome thing of beauty, courtesy of the ignored rose bushes in the back of our yard. (at The Observatorium)

Bring me in!
One of my favorite 70s era spy thrillers. And Fay Dunaway is such a lovely thing.
#ThreeDaysOftheCondor (at The Observatorium)

Yup, count ‘em. I’m working five keyboards for this show I’m on this week. The hardest part will be keeping track of which mouse controls which computer.
#AceHotel #Broadway #Gaming #WoW (at United Artists Theater)

Mini cloud porn over our house.
#nofilter #lacrescenta #shields #briggsterrace

#BoredToDeath reruns over homemade pizza outside by the pool. Things could be worse I suppose.
#TedDanson #HBO (at The Observatorium)

Incandescentia. (at Pattye’s Closet)

Dog woke me up early today so I’m making coffee with the good stuff.
#Illy #CoffeeBeans

Things I made as a kid.
I actually carved little rooms inside, the teacher had never seen anything like it.
⛪️⛪️ #MissionSantaYnez #IvorySoap (at The Observatorium)

Probiotic pomegranate drink from our local farmers market here in Montrose.

No, it’s not some strange variation of moonshine, at least that I know of.

So there’s this barista over at NBC Burbank … pardon me, “The Burbank Studios” that makes some masterpieces out of her coffee creations.   This one is simply wonderful.   I should hang it on the wall of our video truck as art.

 (at NBC Burbank Studios)

It may look like a gift, but I’m sure they’re masking this “On Air” sign as they paint the hallway.   But what do I know.

(at Burbank, California)