I am SO sorry to expose your eyes to this.
But there it was.
Too late.
#ThriftStoreFinds #IowaCity (at Artifacts)


So my time lapse of last night’s attempt at capturing the trajectory of the Blood Moon™ kind of failed.
Oh well, although I t looked pretty darn cool from within the confines of the back yard hot tub.

My amazingly short career as a model. (at Burbank, California)

I’m humbled.

The wild and untamed La Crescenta River. Use at your own risk, compadres.
#LaCrescenta #LACountyFloodControlDistrict #HonoluluAve #Montrose (at Downtown Montrose)

Not your folk’s word processor. (at Casa Adobe de San Rafael)

(at Silver Lake Heights)

Finally, water saving toilets get their place in the spotlight. (at Rick’s Drive In and Out)

That’s how it works I suppose. (at L.A. Chinatown Firecracker Run/Walk & Bike Ride)

Amazing little cactus flower in bloom in our atrium this morning. This flower cannot be more than a half inch in diameter.
#CactusFlower (at The Observatorium)

Guess that’s the men’s room!
#CasaDePeepee (at Blue Fish Sushi)

at The Observatorium

Betsy Ross would pee her pants is someone brought THIS horseless carriage back to her place. (at Nick on Sunset)

Caption here. (at Behind The Museum Café)