#DayExterior #Hollywood #Leland #Sony (at Leland And Vine)

Peeking in the window of that mysterious closed camera store on Sunset Blvd. It closed overnight decades ago and never reopened. There’s still some Kodak instamatic cameras on display and 110 format film for sale. Weird. #kodakmoment #hollywood #lamysteries #lastorefronts

Beachwood love. #randomhearts #beachwoodcanyon #hollywood #lampposts (at Beachwood/ Franklin)

Stenciling of Titanic proportions. (Taken with Instagram)  Found this on a little side street in Hollywood (I think near Hollywood Blvd and Cahuenga Ave.)  There’s only one.   But there’s only one Titanic.

Old school at Tribune Studios. (Taken with Instagram)  A water pressure gauge attached to the fire suppression sprinkler system on Stage 9 here at Tribune/KTLA Studios.  

I love the counterbalanced pointer and the font style to the numbers.  

Lennon saves De Longpre Ave. (Taken with instagram)

Found this spray painted on the curb along De Longpre Ave. in Hollywood while I was taking a walk during lunch at Nickelodeon.  It’s almost “too good” for a graffiti tag, and it just opens up a whole enchilada of questions.

Between Cahuenga Ave. and heaven.   Found on my lunchtime walk from Nickelodeon as I was exploring De Longpre Ave. and the streets south of the Arclight Theater.

I’m loving this Ford Falcon in our parking lot. (Taken with instagram)

Wreckage (Taken with instagram)  Parked in front of the Kibitz Room on Fairfax around 2:00 AM.   Just another day in Hollywood.

A baby only a robot mother could love.     

Mulholland Rd. (Taken with instagram)  On that little overlook/turnout about ten minutes up Mulholland just west of Cahuenga.   I must come up here immediately after a torrential rain, when the City has been scrubbed clean.

Amoeba madness.  I need to do some more homework on the band, as every time I step into Amoeba Records I’m overwhelmed as to which CDs I want to pick up.

Nickelodeon. (Taken with instagram)  This bike was just sitting in our parking lot here at Nick on Sunset.  What’s the back story?  Did an employee ride it in this morning …. in the pouring rain?

Hollywood and nowhere. (Taken with instagram)

Sunset and Argyle, Hollywood.

Found in the concrete in front of the Earl Carroll Theater, when this musical played here in 1968.  The Doors Double Live Album was recorded here during one of the nights the musical was dark.